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Welcome to AlFrex Water Purifier Specialist, your one stop supply and installation of water dispensers, water coolers, water purifiers and filtration systems in Singapore. Since 2003, we has been providing filtered water solutions to many residential homes such as HDB flats, condominiums or landed properties and also to commercial units like offices, schools and childcare centres or industrial factories.

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What is a Water Dispenser?

A water dispenser is an equipment that provides water at the desired temperature of the user at all times. The desire temperature can be either hot or cold (or even warm). This means that the water dispensing unit needs to have the heating or cooling function within the machine and storage space to contain the preheated or pre-chilled water so that the water is available whenever needed


Water dispensers comes in various forms and sizes – they can either be bottled type of water dispenser or have the water source directly connected from a water pipe (also known as a direct-piping water dispenser). Bigger models that have to be placed on the floor are called floor / free-standing water dispensers while smaller units are known as tabletop or countertop water dispensing units. Function wise, these machines can range from one that dispenses water of a single temperature (usually hot) to having 3 taps that provides hot, warm and cold water at a single touch. The most common type are the ones that can dispense both hot and cold water.


Not all water dispensers in the market have filtering capabilities. Depending on the manufacturer, the filtration systems can be as simple as a 1-stage filtering to remove particles up to a certain size to multiple stages where the model claims to add minerals and vitamins to enrich the drinking water. The water dispenser models from AlFrex Water utilizes a 4-stage filtration technology that not only removes sediments, harmful microorganisms and chlorine but also changes the pH level of the water to make it more alkaline and finally, add antioxidants into the water. The end result is a filtered, pure drinking water that has many purported health benefits.

Fully Imported, Made In Korea 

When you get a water dispenser from AlFrex Water, you not only get a quality product that in manufactured with the highest standard, you also receive our personal guarantee and impeccable service to keep your product functioning well throughout the years.