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With so many different types of filter in the market for water filtration, purification or water treatment, there is no single filter alone that can eliminate every possible contamination in your water. Some filters are good for a specific type of contaminant but may be ineffective against others types.

Introducing AlFrex Water’s Platinum Water Filtration Technology, a 4-stage filtration system that is designed for use in conjunction with our direct-piping water dispensing units. Manufactured in Korea, the system uses a combination of different filter technologies to achieve the best results at an affordable price. Water from the main fed pipe is filtered through four different types of filtering membrane, each with its specific porous diameter threshold to prevent bacteria, pathogen and heavy metals from passing through, effectively reducing the risks of possible contamination. The end result is a filtered, clean drinking water with a refreshing taste that rivals any distilled or mineral water in the market.

1st Stage – Ultra Filtration Membrane Filter:

The filtration process begins once water from the main fed water supply passes through the 1st stage – Ultra Filtration Membrane filter, a membrane separation process that can filter out contaminants in the water. The pore size of the Ultra Filtration membrane is between 0.1 Microns to 0.01 Microns, making it very effective to trap sediments such as dirt, sand, rust particles and microorganisms like bacteria and pathogens, thereby improving water clarity and taste.

2nd Stage – Pre-Carbon Filter:

The Pre Carbon Filter in the second stage helps to remove many volatile organic chemicals, including bad taste & odours, residual chlorine, harmful pesticides & herbicides and other man-made chemicals found in tap water because carbon is a substance best known and most widely used to absorb impurities.

3rd Stage – Bio Magnetized Element + Alkaline Filter + Antioxidants:

Oxidation is a naturally occurring process involving the loss of electrons. This chemical reaction causes the formation of free radicals, which may lead to chain reactions leading to cellular damage. Antioxdants are molecules that stop the oxidative process, helping to inhibit these chain reactions by removing free radical intermediates and other oxidation reactions.

At this third stage, the bio-magnetized element breaks the water molecules into smaller molecules for easier body absorption, helping in the quicker removal of body wastes and toxins, improving the natural detoxification process and overall health and wellbeing.

The water is then exposed to biogenetic rays which results in “fresh” water that is energetic, improving body metabolism and increasing resistance to illnesses. To maintain the alkaline level to neutralize body acidity, the Alkaline Antioxidant Filter with alkalinity of pH 8.5 – 9 is ideal for the detoxification and removal of acidic waste products in the body, helping to balance the body’s delicate pH of 7.365.

4th Stage – Nano Silver Carbon Filter:

Finally in the 4th stage – Nano Silver Carbon filter, which is made of high quality coconut based activated carbon has large surface area, superb absorption properties, effectively reduces chlorine, organic solvents, heavy metals, therefore improving the taste of the filtered water. In addition, nano silver helps to inhibit bacteria growth.

Our Filtered Water Meets International Standards

The filtered water has been verified to have met international standards set by independent, accredited organizations such The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) and the Water Quality Association and World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards for drinking water (see SGS report). 

Check Out Our Range of Filtered Water Dispensers

AlFrex Water carries a wide range of water dispensers that comes installed with our platinum filtration system. Feel free to navigate to each type to find out more below. Alternatively, you can head over to our main catalogue page and browse other purification and filtration solutions that we provide.

SGS Report (2015)

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