Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a direct-piping water dispenser and a bottled water dispenser?

Direct piping dispensers requires the dispenser to be connected to a water point while a bottle water dispenser uses a standard 5 gallons (19 litres) changeable bottle. Cost wise, direct piping water dispensers are more cost efficient over  time because they do not require a long-term contract to replace the water bottles.

What is the difference between a floor standing water dispenser and a tabletop/counter water dispenser?

A tabletop or countertop water dispenser as its name suggests, is a water dispensing unit that is compact enough to be placed on a kitchen top or tabletop, similar to a water flask while a floor-standing water dispenser is a larger dispenser that is usually placed directly on the floor. Because of its smaller size, countertop water dispensers are more popular in homes and places where space is a constraint.

What is the difference between a water dispenser and a water cooler?

We understand that the terms “water dispenser” and “water cooler” are used interchangeably, especially in the U.S, or U.K. In local context, a “water dispenser” usually refers to the type of dispensing machine that has filtering capabilities and also capable of dispensing water at various temperatures (normally up to 3). They can be manufactured using high-grade fibre plastic or stainless steel.

On the other hand, when people mention the term “water cooler” in Singapore, they are usually referring to the ones commonly found in schools or outdoor areas and made from stainless steel. These are commonly termed as “water coolers” or “water fountains” in the U.S and U.K. Water coolers can dispense up to 2 different temperature water and may not have a filtration system attached.

There are too many water dispenser models! What are their main differences?

We claim to carry the largest range of water dispensers in Singapore for the benefit of our customers. The main difference between our water dispenser models is the capacity of the tank.

How long does it take for the hot water to boil?

Most of our models take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to boil the water.

I wish to purchase a water dispenser. What is the procedure to change the filters?

Newly purchased water dispensers come with our unique 4-stage Platinum water filters. We advise our customers to change the filters for the 1st and 2nd Stage once every six months. Subsequently, it is advisable to change all the filters at the end of the second six months (means 1 year of continuous usage).

As for water coolers, newly purchased water coolers will come with a 2-Stage water filter set. Our advice will be to change both filters once every quarter (3 months). Feel free to contact us if you are still unclear – our staff would be able to check on your servicing record and advise accordingly.

What do I have to look out for regarding the water point and electrical point?

For water point (direct piping water dispenser models only), please ensure half inch mini ball valve of water point & a 13amp plug socket for the power point (all water dispenser/water cooler units).

What is your lead time after making an order?

Please allow us 2 – 3 days upon confirmation (excluding public holidays & weekends).

What is the warranty period of your products?

All water dispensers and water coolers come with 1 year warranty period.

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