Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Cartridges

  • Doulton Sterasyl Ceramic Filter Cartridges (FCST07 / DT FCST08 / DT FCST10 / DT)
    – FCST07/DT – 7″ Doulton Candle Sterasyl
    – FCST08/DT – 8″ Doulton Candle Sterasyl
    – FCST10/DT – 10″ Doulton Candle Sterasyl
  • Sterasyl candle is designed for microbiological protection.
    When not in use air dry the ceramic candle(s) for minimum of 24 hours then store in dry place.
  • These candles provides: 100% rejection of cysts and >99.99% of pathogenic bacteria such as cholera, typhus, amoebic dysentery, ecoli, colibacillose or bilharzia, anthrax spores among others. Depth filtration of particulates >0.2 µm (dirt, asbestos, iron etc).
  • 2″x7″ used in LP2, GSS2, GSS4 and Mini gravity filters
  • 2″x10″ for Katadyn™ Ceradyn™ drip filter (requires 3) and GCC, Doulton Classic model
  • Water filters can be attached.

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