Living Care Tankless Cold/Hot Water Purifier (LC-CHP-100)

  • Double secure prevents from overheat or dry-heat. (by sensor and thermostat)
  • Double secure against water overflow. (by sensor and floating valve)
  • Automatic control for purified water refill.
  • Hot water tap with safety device.
  • Each hot and chilled water has its own individual tank.
  • Available in 2 colours: White-Silver (PTS-3001M/WS) or Black-Silver (PTS-3001M/B/S)
Model  LC-CHP-100 (Black)
Dimensions  343mm(H) X 393mm(D) X 123mm(W)
Weight  6.4kg
Rated Power  220V / 50/60Hz
Instantaneous Power Consumption   Cooling 1.2kW / Heating 2.6kW
Filter Structure  ALL-in-One (Sediment filter, Carbon Block Filter, UF Filter)
Cooling Method  By Thermoelectric Semiconductor
Heating Method  Metalal Heater
Effective Purification Amount  1,300 L
Filter Life  6 ms
KC Certification  KC (Electronics Safety Authentification) – HC07165-15002A
KC Certificate for the Registration of Broadcasting and Communications Equipment    – MSIP – REM – LVc – LC – CHP – 100

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