Memstar Outdoor Filter

  • Memstar Outdoor Filter (DUE 1500A)
  • PVDF membrane features:
    – Quality product water: Memstar water purifiers employ UF technology, effectively removing secondary contaminants from municipal tap water and nature water sources, such as microorganisms, sands/soil, suspensions, particles, colloids and rotten biological materials, while retaining beneficial minerals and trace elements.
    – High flux: Sufficient purified water for drinking, washing & showering; Compact size but high flux compared to other products under the same conditions.
    – Wide range of feeding pressure: Outside-in filtration, membrane can bear high pressure & maintain good permeability under minimum pressure, low Delta P.
    – Low operation cost: No need for booster pump and energy, easy installation.
    – Self cleaning/easy maintenance: Vertical flow filtration, cross-flow flush mechanisms, fouling contaminants can be flushed out by natural flow of municipal tap water so that the permeate flux of membrane can be recovered.
    – Targeted usages: Purified water for drinking, cooking, and showering while flushing water for watering plants and flushing toilet.
    – Durable: Stable PVDF membrane, anti-aging and anti-fouling, at least 5 years of product life-span is expected.
  • Size D X L(mm) – 108×449mm.
  • Flux – 1500lit/hr.
  • Water Temp.Range – 5~60′c.
  • Pores Size(micron) – 0.01
  • Membrane Material – PVDF.
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • 2 Years Free Service.

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