Portable Water Filter Housings (TFF-EZ3-1)

  • 3-stages filtration, multiple purifying option
  • This portable water filter housing is suitable for most condominium, private apartment, flat, bungalow, office, small industrial factory and commercial shop house.
  • 1st Stage : Ceramic Filter:
    – 0.3 & 0.9 micron filtration. Consist of highly compressed ceramic diatom and stop the propagation of bacteria, germs and viruses. Filter removes and reduces dirt, solids and dangerous bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, bilharzia & amoebas.
    – Doulton ceramic filter element in earth. The material is diatomaceous earth (D.E.). A fossil substance, made of tiny silicon shell left by trillions of microscopic, one celled algao called diatom that have inhabited the water of the earth for the last 150 millions year.
  • 2nd Stage : Bio Ceramic Filter:
    – Far-Infar-Red + Magnetized
    – While water flow though the bio with 6-11mm magnetic wave, the water will break into molecules become ISO-ENERGETIC bio water.
    – This water will improve body metabolism, maintain body function & increase body resistant. The water also contain high anc cart away arsenic, waste & toxin inside the body to meet energy treatment and body activation.
  • 3rd Stage : Crystal Stone
    – Energies water. This energy thus is softest and closet to human Aura and can be used to naturally harmonizes other energies like Far-Infar-Red energy, magnetic force.
    – The combination of these positive factors is acceptable without disruption by, and concurrently, prevents the entry unwanted negative force to the Auric field.

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