Reverse Osmosis RO System (RO-1)

  • This water Reverse Osmosis System is suitable for most industrial factory applications or food processing usage and can be use as water station for commercial and industries purpose.
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit’s Features:
    – System in operation indicator
    – R.O. membrane auto-flush mode indicator
    – Digital TDS meter
    – Product water flow meter
    – Concentrate water flow meter
    – Low pressure shut off switch
    – High pressure switch or water tank float control
    – Feed water pressure gauge
    – Product water pressure gauge
    – Totalizing hour water
    – Polished stainless steel R.O. pressure vessel
    – Stainless steel R.O. high pressure pump.
  • Water Treatment Facilities:
    – Pump + Motor
    – Filtration system
    – Cluster filter
    – Water Softener
    – Reverse Osmosis Unit
    – Ozonator
    – UV Sterilizer
    – Storage tank
  • Water filter can be attached to this Reverse Osmosis System.
  • Please call our sales engineering department (+65) 8246 6062 for additional product informations and machine specifications, delivery schedule and installation method, and quotation price for this industrial type water reverse osmosis RO system.

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