Floor Standing Stainless Steel Hot Warm & Cold Water Dispenser (AL1228)

A direct piping three temperature hot warm and cold floor standing type water dispenser that come with AlfrexWater Platinum, a specially designed 4 stages filtration system for purification of your water source that fed to direct piping water dispenser units.

With these carefully selected and best matched filters install in water dispensers, water from your main fed water pipe flow thru the 4 different water filters before it enter your water dispenser reservoir tanks, thus effectively removes and significantly reduces possible contamination that might be found in your water source, this ensure that your water dispenser installed with the AlfrexWater Platinum filtration will always produce only refreshing taste and high quality filtered drinking water.


AlFrex Platinum Water Filtration System
★ 1st stage- Ultra Filtration Membrane  filter
★ 2nd stage – Pre Carbon filter
★ 3rd stage – Bio Magnetized Element + Alkaline filter
★ 4th stage – Carbon Block filter

AL 1228 Floor Standing Stainless Steel Hot Warm & Cold Water Dispenser

Product Specification:

  • Voltage: 220V-240V/AC 50Hz
  • Heating Power: 800W
  • Cooling Power: 205W
  • Hot Tank Capacity: 5Liter
  • Hot Water Supply: 10Liter/Hour
  • Cold Tank Capacity: 3Liter
  • Cold Water Supply: 10Liter/Hour
  • Warm Tank Capacity: 13 Liter
  • Power Consumption: 1.0KW.H/24H
  • Refrigeration Pour: R134A/200G
  • Working Hot: 95-100ºC
  • Working Ambient: 10-38ºC
  • Dimension : 490mm (width) x 450mm (depth) x 1330mm (height)

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