Water Ionizer (WI-818)

  • Safety protection for water ionizer
  • Out case: ABS ligthening /White.
  • Output water:1-4L/min@1-3Bar
  • 4 Alkaline level. 2 Acidic level
  • Internal filter service life:4000L
  • PH range:4-10.5
  • ORP range:-500 to +500,
  • Packing dimensions : 324*222*420 mm/ Gross weight : 5.1Kg/Net weight : 3.5Kg
  • Automatically completes electrobath cleaning at each time of water supply turned off
  • Set and prompt to strengthen cleaning according to water quality in different regions
  • Circuit overcurrent protection devices is set inside
Testing condition:
Flow rate 2L/min、TDS 100~150、water temperature 20~25℃、pH(7±0.5)
     Parameter pH value Rated power Allowed continuous electrolysis Remark
Cooking 10.5 120W ≤30min
Make tea and neutralize liquor 9.5 80W ≤30min
Daily drinking 8.5 30W ≤60min
Initial drinking 8 25W ≤60min
Cosmetic 6.5 55W ≤60min
cleaning 5.5 120W ≤30min

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