Hot, Warm and Cold Water Dispenser

The most common type of water dispensers are those that can provide drinking water at temperatures: hot and cold. In recent years, newer models have been developed to meet the market demand for water dispensers that provide warm or room temperature water as well as hot and cold water. Basically, these water dispenser units have the same features as a hot and cold water dispenser with one additional feature – the ability to provide water at room temperature instantly.

A hot, warm and cold water dispenser machine provides that extra convenience of a room or ambient temperature water without having to add warm and hot water together all the time. AlFrex Water carries a equally wide range of water dispenser units that can dispense hot, warm and cold water.

They can either be of the floor standing or tabletop type, and connected via direct piping method or bottle type and are suitable for home or commercial use. In addition, our water dispensers come together with the AlFrex Platinum Filtration System, a 4-Stage filtration technology to remove impurities and bacteria, improve the alkalinity and add antioxidants. The end result is a filtered, purified drinking water with a refreshing taste and good for health.

No matter your needs, AlFrex Water would have a hot, warm and cold water dispenser that meets your requirements. If you are still unsure which model or type of water dispenser is most suitable,  feel free to drop us an email or contact our friendly staff for more information.

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Why Choose AlFrex Water Purifier Specialist As Your Preferred Provider?

Wide Range of Dispenser Models

  • We carry the widest range of hot, warm cold water dispensers in Singapore, being in the industry for over 14 years.
  • Select from direct piping or bottled type, countertop or free-standing models.
  • Our water dispensers comes together with our 4-stage Filtration System.
  • AlFrex Water is the direct supplier – we import the water dispenser units from overseas therefore stock availability is not an issue for us.

Knowledgeable Well Trained Staff

  • Our staff are very knowledgeable about our product range and will be able to advise you the most suitable type of water dispenser for your required needs.
  • We provide regular maintenance of the water dispenser to keep your product in tip-top condition. This service includes general checking of the dispenser, replacement of internal filters etc.

Reasonably Priced & Cost Effective

  • We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy clean filtered water without putting a financial strain on their resources.
  • Our products are very reasonably priced and extremely cost-effective.

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