Tabletop / Wall Mounted Hot & Cold Water Dispenser (B2008W)

  • Double Protection with 2 thermostats.
  • Safety faucet body : Anti-scalding material.
  • Safety faucet design: Avoid accidental child scalding by hot water.
  • Models B1000W/B2000W/B2008W requires independent power supply with 5.5mm width wire.
  • Filtration system is optional and hang-out.
Model B2008W
Connection Direct Piping
Volt./ Hz 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption Cooling System:200W
Heating System:1800W/3600W
Heating Capacity 20 litres per hour
Chilling Capacity 8 litres per hour
Heater Type Major Thermostat: EGO (German made)
Backup Thermostat: WAKO (Japanese made)
Insulation UL Approved Hot Water Insulation Foam
Dimensions   590mm(W) X 420mm*IT*(D) X 730mm(H)
*Includes Water Tap 330mm(depth)

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