AlFrex Nano Biotech ORP Energy System

  • A simple, effective and readily available way to neutralize and get these acid wastes out of the body is to drink alkaline water. Discover why alkaline water has helped so many people with so many ailments. Now with the advancements of water purification technology by AlFrex Nano Biotech ORP System you can benefit from not only alkaline water, but from infrared charged, ion rich, alkaline water with coral calcium and magnesium. This outstanding blend of technologies is revolutionizing the way people are getting healthy; and by simply drinking better water. What could be easier. By drinking plenty of purified alkaline water you can hasten the cleansing process and assist in the elimination of acids and toxins from the body.
  • AlFrex Nano Biotech ORP Alkaline Water Benefits:
    – Fluid replacement promotes optimal physical performance.
    – Electrolyzed-reduced water scavenges active oxygen & protects DNA from oxidative damage.
    – Decline in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
    – Improvements in liver function exams in hepatic disorders.
    – Improvements in gastro-duodenal ulcer and prevention of their recurrences.
    – Improvements in allergic disorders such as asthma, urticaria, rhinites and otopic dermatitis.
    – Improvements in hypertension and hypotension.
    – Improvements in serum bilirubin levels in new born babies.
    – Effective for improvements of osteogenesis under the conditions of insufficient calcium.
    – Suppressed the growth of cancer cells transplanted into mice, demonstrating their anti-cancer effects.
  • 6 Levels Filtration System


1st Level Filtration Ceramin Filter
Produce using the latest ceramic techniques to provide a hollow porous ceramic which fired at a temperature in excess of 1000 °C. Effectively remove and reduce dirt, solids and pathogenic bacteria (up to 0.9 micron).
2nd Level Filtration Cation Exchanged Resin + Activated Carbon Filter
Cation exchange resin is also known as cation deionization resin or water softener resin depending on how it is chemically charged. When the softener resin beads extract hardness from the water it adds a fixed amount of sodium or pottasium into the softened water. This process is called cation exchange. Cation (Cat-ion) resin in the sodium (Na-)form is used to soften water by trading calcium (ca) and magnesium (mg) for sodium (na). Cation resin in the hidrogen (H) form the resin to trade all positively charged ions in water for hydrogen to make water pure.Features :
1. Meet NSF, BSI, FDA, EPA requirement.
2. Spend life: 1 year
3. Originated from Germany (Bayer).Activated Carbon, made from the hard-shell of the coconut has generally been proven to have adsorptive capability in liquid and gaseous phase application. The superior quality and low impurities of activated carbon made coconut shell are not only of the raw material but more so of the quality and diligence of process which is by steam activation.Features :
1. 100% made of hard-shell of coconut.
2. High microporosity, high density, intrinsic hardness and longer service life.
3. Spend life – 1year.
4. Low Ash Content and Low Attrition Loss.
5. Remove odour, colour, chlorine, toxic, organic matter and agricultural chemicals.
6. Remove the concentration of suspended substance, mud and rust.
7. Strong adsorptive, iodization > 1200mg/g.
8. Inhibits virus and bacterial growth.
9. Meet NSF International requirement.
3rd Level Filtration Multi Funtion Filter (KDF+ Titanium Alloy (ORP) & FIR +“A” Grade Finest Activated Carbon)
KDF was shorthand for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. KDF 55 was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. Is classified as a “pesticidal device” by the US Environmental Protection Agency and comply with the requirements of FDA & EPA quality.
KDF Fluid Treatment’s unique combination of copper and zinc creates an electro-chemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Some harmful contaminants are change into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, It is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride, which is then carried harmlessly through the water supply. Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others, react to plate out onto the medium’s surface, thus been effectively removed from the water supply.Originated from USA.The perfect combination of Titanium Alloy and Far Infrared ceramic using NANO Technology to produce resonant vibration for water molecular restructuring and increase high dissolved oxygen. This energized and health-giving water promotes immune system, better health condition, youthfulness, beauty and life giving. This ORP System is able to produce active hydrogen to reduce the electric potential to negative mV to neutralize the free radicals in the body.This exclusive compressed carbon with its kinetic adsorption power also removes over 120 types of organic contaminants which include synthetic organic compounds (Cancer causing compounds) such as Trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides and chlorine.
4th Level Filtration Far-infrared Energy SP-5000PI + Alkaline FIR Ball
In water treatment system, Far-infrared rays can cause the water molecules to vibrate and increase its vitality, to increase the water oxygen level and physical changed to natural spring water. Far-infrared energy stone release essential mineral into water and restores the alkaline balance of the water.FIR has three properties: radiation, deep penetration, and resonance absorption. Let’s look at the relationship between these three properties and living things.First, radiation: it means it can directly reach human bodies just like light does. For example, sunlight, which is also radiation, reaches earth through the vastness of space.Second, deep penetration: FIR can reach well into subcutaneous layers of the body (or water) with its deep penetration ability, generating internal warmth suitable for molecule activation in living tissue.

The third feature is resonance absorption: Once illuminated, there is intrinsic vibration of body components – water, protein, fat, enzymes. And, the interior of molecules – atoms and atomic structures – experience the resonance absorption of FIR of their same frequency. This elevation of molecular energy is known as “resonance and absorption.

5th Level Filtration Tourmaline Filter
Tourmaline is a natural source of negative Ions and far Infrared (FIR) rays. It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving mental alertness and strengthening and immune system function.Infrared Tourmaline is the only one mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function.Tourmaline, in your filter, is used to naturally transform water into mild alkaline water, reduce water clustering (what happens to our stored water) and has anti-bacterial and deodorant qualities. Treated water applied to the skin gives an excellent effect of moisturizing and absorption.

In addition, Tourmaline generates FIR that purifies the water, and acts like a ’supercharger’, assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize.

Tourmaline has been researched and found to activate animal & plant metabolism.

Tourmaline has an immediate and powerful effect on water in the filter with the surfactant effect (makes water wetter) increasing by 101%.

Benefit of Tourmaline:
– Reduces cluster size
– Enhances taste
– Assists alkalization
– Minimizes water odor
– Increases DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

The far infrared energy that Tourmaline naturally emits causes a resonance in the body at the same frequency as water.

6th Level Filtration Silver Nano Filter
Silver Nano – Is pure de-ionized water with silver (AG) in suspension, approximately 80% of the silver is in form of metallic silver nano-particles. The remaining silver is in ionic form. Though similar to colloidal silver, generally, a colloid is a suspension of particles of from 10nm to 1 micron in diameter and the silver particles are less than 2 nm in diameter and therefore too small to be considered in “colloidal” suspension. They are rather, in a “nano-suspension” a much more stable state.The value of silver in medicine, and as purifier has been acknowledged for centuries. In Ancient Greece and Rome used silver container to keep liquids. In America, pioneer moving west put silver and copper coins in their water barrels to keep it clean.Silver does more than kill disease-causing organisms. Silver causes major growth stimulation of injured tissues. Burn patient and even elderly patients notice more rapid healing.Laboratory test proved silver ion kill over 650 different diseases-causing pathogens.

Because of the small size of the particles, the total surface area of the silver exposed in solution had maximized, resulting in the highest possible effect per unit of silver. As a result, the 20PPm concentration of silver in Nano-Silver provides more effectiveness inside the body than silver solutions in the colloidal class, of many times greater concentration.

The silver ion releases its bond in search of stronger attachments in effort to stabilize its charge, the silver particle quickly pass through the stomach lining and into the blood stream. They penetrate the cell membranes without damage to the cell, and eliminate diseases causing microorganism at the cellular level to kill all deadly parasites, bad bacteria and viruses in body.

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