Wall Mounted Cold Water Cooler (AL550C)

  • A direct piped-in, wall mounted type stainless steel water cooler dispenser complete with a water filtration system.
  • Stainless steel body polished to prevent rust, corrosion and stains so that cleaning and maintenance is always easy.
  • Three push button water dispense outlets, a cold water swan-neck outlet each, including an adjustable cold water fountain outlet.
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat for control of chilled water temperature.
  • With our unique AlFrex Water Platinum Water Filtration System installed, this water cooler will produce high quality ,clean filtered drinking water with a refreshing taste that everyone will enjoy.
  • 2-Stage Water Filtration System:
    – 1st stage – 10” Fibre PP Filter
    – 2nd stage -10” Carbon Block Filter (USA)
Model AL550C
Volt./ Hz 220-240V/50Hz
Power Consumption 1.0KW/H/24H
Cooling System:210W
Chilling Capacity 8 Litres per hour
Refrigeration Pour R134a/200G
Working Ambient Temperature 10-38ºC
Dimensions 430mm(W) X 310mm(D) X 660mm(H)
*Unit height with swan-neck outlet 830mm
Manufacture 100% Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank.

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