AL700C Floor Standing Water Cooler

A direct pipe-in Cold temperature floor standing type stainless steel water cooler dispenser complete with Water Filtration System. Stainless steel body polished to resist rust, corrosion and stains so that cleaning and maintenance is always easy. Two push button water dispense outlets, cold water swan-neck outlet each, plus a cold water adjustable fountain outlet. With built-in adjustable thermostat for control of chilled water temperature. With our unique Water Filtration System install inside, this cooler produce clean high quality filtered refreshing taste drinking water that everyone will enjoy!

Water Filtration System

★1st stage   – 10” Fiber PP Filter

★2nd stage  – 10” Carbon Block Filter (USA)

Product Specification :

  • Voltage  : 220V-240V / AC  50Hz
  • Cooling Power  : 210W
  • Stainless steel water storage tank
  • Compressor Brand    : LG
  • Water Capacity Tank  : 3L
  • Cool Water Supply     : 10L/ Hour
  • Power Consumption  : 1.0KW.H/24H
  • Refrigeration Pour     : R134a/200G
  • Working Ambient: 10 -38ºC
  • 100% Stainless Steel  |  Made in Taiwan ROC
  • Dimension : 463mm (width) x 315mm (depth) x 1140mm (height)



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