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Having a personal water dispenser unit in the comfort of your home can bring about many benefits. Firstly, the entire family gets to enjoy the availability of instant hot and cold water at any time. You no longer need to boil water when you desire a cup of hot beverage nor store chilled water in the refrigerator, thus freeing up fridge space. Secondly, everyone can reap the health benefits of consuming filtered, alkaline water.

One is usually spoiled for choice when deciding on the type of water dispenser for home use. There are a huge variety of models available in the market, from dual or 3 temperatures (hot, ambient and cold water), to direct piping or bottled type dispenser or differences in size – floor-standing or tabletop type. Because of the easy availability of water pipes in the house, most households in Singapore would naturally opt for a direct piped-in type of water dispensing unit. A direct piping water dispenser would do away with the need for a long term contract agreement with a vendor to supply the replacement water containers and also save storage space (for the water containers). In addition, unlike the office, the volume of usage isn’t that high in a household – thus a countertop water dispenser unit would probably suffice for normal home usage.

In the past, most home owners would either use glass or plastic bottles to store chilled water in the refrigerator as an alternative. For hot water, they either boil tap water using a kettle, or may invest in a hot water flask.

Some Disadvantages of Storing Water Using Glass or Plastic Bottles:

  • Takes up space in the refrigerator.
  • Requires constant refill.
  • Glass bottles are susceptible to breakage when dropped. It could potentially cause multiple cuts. If you have young children at home, it could be a potential disaster waiting to occur.
  • Plastic bottles are susceptible to material leeching. You don’t want risk drinking plastic into your body. Unless you are very knowledgeable of the type of plastic suitable for long term use/storage, you should avoid ‘reusing’ or ‘recycling’ plastic containers for extended time periods.

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A water dispenser is more than just a run-of-the-mill hot water flask. It also has the chilling element – to keep water chilled and dispense cold water whenever you one. You no longer have to store bottles of water in the refrigerator nor top up the water in the flask when it runs low because the water dispenser is directly connected to the main water pipe. Free up the space for something else more important – like fresh fruits and vegetables or snacks..

The most important feature of a good quality water dispenser is not that it can provide water of different temperatures on command but that the water is filtered, removing impurities before being heated or chilled. The water dispensers from AlFrex Water comes together with our unique 4-Stage Filtration System that not only removes impurities, harmful microorganisms but also alkalinizes and adds antioxidants to your drinking water. The result is a pure filtered water that brings health and vitality to everyone in the house.

Why Choose AlFrex Water Purifier Specialist As Your Preferred Provider?

Wide Range of Dispenser Models

  • We carry the widest range of water dispensers in Singapore, being in the industry for over 14 years.
  • Select from 2 temperatures (hot & cold) to 3 (hot, ambient and cold water), direct piping, countertop or free-standing models.
  • Our water dispensers comes together with the 4-stage Platinum Filtration System.
  • AlFrex Water is the direct supplier – we import the water dispenser units from overseas therefore stock availability is not an issue for us.

Knowledgeable Well Trained Staff

  • Our staff are very knowledgeable about our product range and will be able to advise you the most suitable type of water dispenser for your required needs.
  • We provide regular maintenance of the water dispenser to keep your product in tip-top condition. This service includes general checking of the dispenser, replacement of internal filters etc.

Reasonably Priced & Cost Effective

  • We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy clean filtered water without putting a financial strain on their resources.
  • Our products are very reasonably priced and extremely cost-effective.

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