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The average working adult in Singapore spends at least 40 to 60 hours a week in the office. This makes it important that employees have access to clean, drinking water at all times while working in the office. To decide what type of water dispenser is suitable for office use, firstly, you should first consider the needs of the users. Do you require only hot water? If so, perhaps a hot water dispenser is more than enough. Most office or commercial spaces would usually prefer to have a water dispenser that can provide both hot and cold water or even up to 3 temperatures (hot, cold and room temperature). In these instances, they can opt for either a hot and cold water dispenser or a tri-temperature dispenser model.

The second point to take note of is accessibility to a water point and electrical socket. Direct piping water dispensers need to be located near a water supply where it draws the source fromIf there is no access to a water point, then a bottled water dispenser model type would be the next best alternative. Needless to say, water dispensers require constant electrical input to heat and cool the water at various temperatures.

The third and final point to take note of is the number of employees and space available to put the water dispenser. Both considerations will determine if a tabletop or floor standing water dispenser unit will be the more suitable for use in the office. Countertop water dispensers are smaller in size and volume (water holding capacity) but take up less space thus, could be placed on the kitchen top in the pantry or near the kitchen sink. If you decide to opt for a floor standing unit, you need to set aside space of about 20 inches (approx. 50cm) by 16 inches (approx. 40cm). Floor standing water dispenser units are slightly taller in height compared to countertop units so prepare roughly about 1.2m space.

If you are still unsure about which type of water dispenser should you get, fret not. Do give our friendly sales support team a phone call or send us an enquiry and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Why Choose AlFrex Water Purifier Specialist As Your Preferred Provider?

Wide Range of Dispenser Models

  • We carry the widest range of water dispensers in Singapore, being in the industry for over 14 years.
  • Select from direct piping or bottled type, countertop or free-standing units. Most models are suitable for commercial use anywhere.
  • Our water dispensers comes together with our 4-stage Filtration System.
  • AlFrex Water is the direct supplier – we import the water dispenser units from overseas therefore stock availability is not an issue for us.

Knowledgeable Well Trained Staff

  • Our staff are very knowledgeable about our product range and will be able to advise you the most suitable type of water dispenser for your required needs.
  • We provide regular maintenance of the water dispenser to keep your product in tip-top condition. This service includes general checking of the dispenser, replacement of internal filters etc.

Reasonably Priced & Cost Effective

  • We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy clean filtered water without putting a financial strain on their resources.
  • Our products are very reasonably priced and extremely cost-effective.

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